Integrating efforts with our vision so we can grow and prosper together.

Product Knowledge

We believe that our employees must completely understand the product dynamics before we introduce the item in the market. We equip our employees with extensive product knowledge through product briefing and factory visits, to help them understand the process of manufacturing, from a raw thread to the final packaging and shipment.

Constant Learning Sessions

Our employees learn through different mediums to meet their job objectives. Constant learning sessions including general and specific trainings help them build a better understanding of their work. Our training sessions are held every week, along with regular meetings, performance evaluations and monthly incentives to increase the competitiveness of our firm.

Individual’s Potential

Our business quality department is responsible for enhancing an individual’s potential, to ensure that employees deliver their best to the customers. In a competitive business like ours, employees have to be proactive and enthusiastic to offer the best quality services. Therefore, we prepare them for maximum utilization of their skills in facing the challenges at their jobs.

Open-door Policy

We aim to recognize the efforts of our employees and strive to maintain an open-door policy and cross-cultural flow. Not only those who join us are assisted by the management and team members, but constant mentoring of existing employees by the team leaders keep their needs catered. We encourage and appreciate employees to take initiatives and draw the projects forward.

Achieving Targets

Employees feel a sense of achievement and motivation to work harder when objectives are met. Our extensive training programs are designed to develop a goal-oriented approach in our employees, helping them become better decision makers. We believe in transforming ideas into concrete projects and train our employees to efficiently reach their targets.

Valuable Ideas

We encourage our employees to share their ideas and thoughts, and value their perspectives in decision-making. Our teams work with complete authority and flexibility, bringing their skills and potential to the best use. Knowing our business and our customers well, we rely on our employees to pitch-in their training ideas and opinions for better future-oriented targets.


What Are We Looking For?

  • Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum Experience: One Year
  • Fluency in English
  • Interactive and confident individuals
  • A knack for Marketing and Sales
  • Flexibility to work in U.S Time Zone

Empowering Our Employees To Do Even Better

    We look for individuals who are energetic and determined to join this organization. We welcome smart professionals intending to stimulate growth within themselves and the company as a whole. At Icon Global, it’s not they, them or you. It’s us.


    Icon House, 83C, 12th Commercial Street, Phase II Ext, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan.


    +92 21 35880150-53