Our Team

Nilofar Saleem
Business Development Executive

At Icon Global, where I oversee various marketing analytics & data management software to attract new customers. Work with senior team members to identify and manage risks. This is a great place to learn more about yourself, your strengths, and how to effectively use the best of your skills.

Syed Safeer Abbas
Graphic Designer

Good Management at Icon leads to greater job satisfaction, motivation, and increased productivity. It also leads to creativity and innovation since the employees have the authority to act on their own. There is increased efficiency in employees because of increased ownership in their work.

Aaron Francis
Sales and Customer Service Executive

The People and the Work are the main reasons I chose Icon Group of Companies and since I’ve joined, I have not found it necessary to entertain other offers. I enjoy coming to work everyday because of the positive family/professional atmosphere. I’ve finally found a conducive environment that enables me to face challenges and find solutions by thinking outside of the traditional boxes other employers would expect.

Nadeem Akhtar
Production & Planning Manager

I have been part of Icon Global for two years as the Production and Planning Manager and oversee merchandising, procurement, production, warehousing and shipment. The company has provided me with unlimited opportunities to understand and execute international benchmarks for textile products and quality services.

Usama Hasan Khan Afridi
Product Sales Specialist

Icon Global has helped polish my abilities to make sales in different markets and enhanced my grip on sales techniques. We are appreciated for our efforts and hard work on various levels which encourages us to perform even better.

Roger Benson
Customer Retention Executive

With a market competitive salary package, medical insurance, annual bonus and an energetic work environment, Icon Global has been my home for the last one and a half years. The management is very cooperative and helpful and cares for it employees.

Join the people behind our success

    We look for individuals who are energetic and determined to join this organization. We welcome smart professionals intending to stimulate growth within themselves and the company as a whole. At Icon Global, it’s not they, them or you. It’s us.


    Icon House, 83C, 12th Commercial Street, Phase II Ext, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan.


    +92 21 35880150-53